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Control your home at the push of a button with hour home automation systems, link your computers, devices, TV and lighting with high speed home networking services, and enjoy unbeatable home entertainment with a bespoke system designed just for you. Whether you’re based in Birmingham or further afield, our UK team will design an entertainment or automation system for your home that will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of the latest home electronics and networking technology.

Home Automation Systems Installation

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work, and setting your heating, lighting and even mood music with just the single touch of a button. Or turning on all of your home security, CCTV and alarms with just a simple command before you leave the house. That’s the simple, effortless lifestyle a home automation system lets you enjoy. You’ll control everything from the air conditioning to your motorised blinds from a single smartphone app – all linked through a powerful home network – allowing you to enjoy your home without rushing round to turn on mood lighting and music players. We design, supply and install all of the equipment and software you’ll need for a fully automated phone, and Contello Ltd will visit you anywhere in the UK to carry out an installation.

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