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Lighting Controls

Getting up to adjust the lights is a thing of the past. If you want to dim the lights during a romantic meal or family film night, or turn off all the lights in the house as you head off to bed, you can.

Simply select one of the pre-set functions using your new wireless lighting control system, and your automatic lighting will do exactly what you want it to. Have custom, ambient lighting throughout your entire home. Our solutions help you create a beautifully lit home that is also responsive to your needs. Our lighting designer can even incorporate a range of coloured LED lights to provide a dramatically lit backdrop for any occasion. Set the mood easily by asking Alexa to activate scenes or turn off every light at once from the comfort of your bed covers when it’s time to turn in.

But wireless lighting control is about more than convenience and ambience – we can also help you to set up occupancy simulation and movement-triggered security lighting, providing even more safety and security for your home. From the perfect light levels to high speed networks for your laptop, our range of home automation systems can be built to your exact specifications.

We design home automation systems from scratch, incorporating a high speed home networking system and wireless lighting control, to provide all of the functions you need for a calm, stress-less life.

Lighting Devices


Set the mood for your building with our stunning bespoke lighting FX systems. Whether you’re fitting out a showroom, meeting room or restaurant area with our automated lighting FX systems, you’ll always receive a specially designed lighting solution that’s built with you and your customers in mind.


Making use of a range of active LED and ambient mood lighting, Contello Ltd will make sure that your lighting is as much a part of your homes design as the interior fittings and colour palette.


Whether your home is strictly for relaxing, our you require home office functionality, we’ll make sure your home networking system is up to the task.

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